Artsy Doodle Fundraiser Events

Thank you for your interest in Artsy Doodle fundraiser events. We love helping our dedicated doodlers raise money to support causes and organizations they are passionate about.  Here’s how they work…

Select your craft option:  Burlap Door Hangers or Distressed Wood Signs or Canvas Painting

Cost per craft: 

  • Burlap Door Hangers: $35
  • Canvas Painting: $35
  • Single Board Signs – 12×12″ or 7×24″ Distressed Wood Signs – $35
  • Porch Sign – $45 for Welcome with Flower or $55 for HOME with wreath “O”

Give Back: We will give back to your non-profit organization $10 for each craft completed.  We will write you a check the day of the your event.

Minimum: To qualify as a fundraiser you must have at least 25 crafters and the maximum is the number your space can hold.  Not sure where to hold a fundraiser, try your local firehall, church social hall, school or other gathering place.

Other Important Details:

  • We prepare your flyer for you to use to market your event
  • You gather your registrations
  • One week prior to the even you provide Artsy Doodle with a registration list
  • You will have to cover tables the day of the event
  • You collect the money on the day of the event.  Cash or checks written to Artsy Doodle.
  • At the end of the event Artsy Doodle will write you a donation check for $10 for each craft completed.